Why I Enjoy Crochet

I love crocheting, its relaxing, I can put it down every other stitch to tend to the boys if needed, and it sometimes feels like I am doing exactly that. I enjoy learning new stitches and techniques to improve my crochet. And its just plain awesome what can be made out of yarn! I have a tendency to have multiple projects going at the same time. I’ll get stuck or worse bored with what I’ve been working on, doing the same stitch again and again for rows, or find something so cool I feel like I need to start working on it right away.

Worst of all is running out of the yarn I need. It doesn’t help my favorite part seems to be the first few rows till I’ve gotten the hang of the pattern. My favorite part seems to be figuring out new patterns or stitches. I’ve gotten a lot better about actually finishing my projects. It helps that lately I’ve been obsessed with smaller things  like baby dresses and blankets. I really want to teach myself to knit but just do not have the patience to knit or purl one for months in order to actually get good at it like I did when I was first starting to crochet.

I taught myself how to crochet after my Mom and a friend had both tried to teach me how to. I just ether wasn’t ready or didn’t get it fast enough for them. I would up learning how from diagrams in an old book on crochet my Mom had originally bought for my Grandma. For a couple years I only did the very basics, chains, double crochet, and single without really ever finishing anything. It wasn’t until my first pregnancy that I actually finished something I was proud of.

It was a very easy hobby to keep up with while taking care of a baby, and during another pregnancy. Most of my other hobbies were impossible to do while holding a baby or watching a little one. So my hobbies like sewing, drawing, and beading fell by the wayside. I still enjoy them but they require more time dedicated to them, then I’m able to do most of the time. Picking up a crochet hook and some yarn is much easier. I’m able to crochet while watching Tv or spending with friends. And I’ve also found it is generally more relaxing,

One of the main reasons I enjoy crocheting so much is, I can let my mind wander if I’m working on something simple. Or keep busy by focusing on a harder pattern. And of course there is just something addicting about yarn, but I’ll save that for another day. 🙂

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