New Year, New Goals

It has been a while since I last posted.  I got so wrapped up in trying to plan, and finish gifts for friends which of course I didn’t take many pictures of what I was able to finish.  Then I just couldn’t seem to write anything I felt was slightly worth reading.  But its a new year!  And I want to share my goals for this year, in order to have some more accountability.  I prefer to say goals over resolutions, in part because I feel a goal is more of something you work towards vs jump in and try to keep.  I know some of these goals will take most or all of the year to reach and I’m fine with that.  I feel more optimistic about working toward this things, that even if I don’t manage to knock them off my list this year, I won’t feel like I failed in keeping my resolutions.

This year on the getting heather front I am aiming to drink less soda, and be more active.  With my blog I want to write at least 4 posts a month, share some of my go to easy recipes, take more pictures of my projects while I’m working on them.  I’d like to write down some of the pattern ideas in my head and publish them on Ravelry.  Narrow down how many works in progress that I have.  That may take more time then I think it will, it always does.  I have picked out a stack of books I want to read this year.  Some are parenting books, relationship books, a few novels for fun, and a couple are ones that I want to read aloud to the boys.  I’d like to start taking them to the library, and some other local events aimed for toddlers.  Also it would be nice to have at least Bean potty trained, haha if we’re able to get him done with diapers I’ll consider this year a success.

With my LipSense Business, I want to get my LipSense website up, and make enough to help with at least one house payment.  Set aside some money for the boys, grow my stock, and attend more events!  Its a lot this year will some other things coming up that I’m not yet ready to share our plans for. But I really do have high hopes for this year, and am ready to work for it to get myself where I want to be in a year.  What are some of your goals for this year? What are you hoping and planing on doing for 2017?


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