The Night Circus Infinity Scarf


I bought this yarn from Yarn Baby thinking it would make a perfect gift. The color way is Night Circus after a book of the same name published in 2012. The book sounds like an entertaining read, but my ability to “inhale” books as been greatly diminished since having two children within 2 years. It is much easier to pick up and put down whatever crochet project I’m working vs a book.


The pattern I’m using for scarf is a simple repeat called the Iris Stitch which is a modified shell.
I choose to do a repeat of seven shells, you can do as many or few as you would like simply adding 3 chains for each shell, plus 5 to square it up.


Pattern abbreviations:
fhdc: Foundation half double crochet
sdc: standing double crochet
dc: double crochet

Row 1. fhdc 25.
Row 2. sdc 1, skip 2, *(dc 2, chain 1, dc 2), in same stitch, skip 4* repeat from * 5 more times, skip 4, dc 2, chain 1, dc 2, skip 2, dc in last stitch.

Row 3. turn, sdc, *dc 2, chain 1, dc 2, in chain 1 of previous row, repeat from * 6 more times for 7 shells, dc in last stitch.

Repeat row 3 until satisfied with length.

Joining slip stitch last row to foundation, being mindful of not twisting scarf before joining.

Alternate rows 1 and 2.

Row 1. chain 27

Row 2. skip 4 last 2 chains count as first dc, *dc 2, chain 1, dc 2, skip 4, repeat from * 5 more times, dc 2, chain 1, dc 2, skip 2, dc in last chain.




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