Juliette Shawl Progress

Close up of the Juliette Shawls stitching.

Currently one of the projects I’m stuck on is this lovely circular shawl that I’ve seem to gone awry on the stitch count or something. I’ve yet to figure out were I’ve gone wrong so as the border isn’t quite behaving. It was working up very quickly and I was keeping lose track of the count but I seem to have missed a few somewhere. Here is a link to the pattern http://jessieathome.com/juliette-shawl/.

 I’ve gone back over with safety pins and hope it’ll work out better this time since I had to add in a few single crochet to get the count right. But I’ve been hesitant to jump back in as I had undone and reattempted it repeatedly already. Hopefully I’ll manage to finish it soon, ideally  would be by the end of the month. `

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