Dragging Feet

Lately I’ve been in bit of a slump. I think most of it it’s due to the changing weather and increasingly lack of light. It’s easy to just feel soo tired and I’ve been struggling to really get things done. It’s getting colder to, shockingly enough it hasn’t snowed and stayed yet and it’s the middle of October now. Which feels odd and like nature is in limbo. I’m so ready for it to snow and have the blanket of white covering everything. It all looks so dead, it’s a little depressing.

I’ve managed to finish at least one Christmas gift, you’ll have to wait to see it. ? The pins I was using for blocking, were supposed to be rust resistant turned out to be not very good, as they did rust. Our house is really humid so it was soaked for quite a bit longer than was good for them. Luckily soaking the hat with dish soap took it out, but leached s bit of the dye out. I nearly cried as it was an expensive hank for a friend that is picky about yarn.

I’ve gotten side tracked with a new shawl pattern named Fern Lace. I’m using a pretty color way called pumpkin spice latte. I finally bought some Wolltraum yarn. It has these gorgeous color changes that I’m really excited about I’ve been wanting to try it for while.

I’m nearly done with a third minion hat for the boys. I need to crochet the eye for the second and tuck it away for Christmas. And pick back up the Christmas projects that I didn’t manage to finish last year. Hopefully I’ll manage to get my list taken care of this year. What are some Christmas projects that you are working on?


So of course once I lamented the lack of wetness, it snowed the next day! Big, fluffy, gorgeous flakes! I didn’t believe the forecast it seemed everyone was sharing. The sky still looked mostly clear, but by the time I got my boys to napping, the world was snuggling up in its spread of white.
It was so exciting getting them ready to see it for themselves. Their personalitys showed in how they reacted. Bean was hesitant and appeared to be thinking, “What on earth is that stuff!” “Is it safe?” While Blue was a bit more eager to stop around and investigate the cold white stuff.
I woke up with my sinuses backed up to high heaven, and a achy calf. Which was rather frustrating as I had my first vendor event with my LipSense. Tonight turned out to be a bust, but that is alright as that tends to be my experience with the first time I give anything a go. And it will make tomorrow nights easier and any events after that. So for now, I’ll be nursing this bug to hopefully drop it before the weekend is completely gone.


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