Crossing Diamonds Cowl


This my very first pattern design! I had ordered some very lovely yarn from Expression Fiber Arts and was looking all over for a pattern to use with it, and I couldn’t find anything that seemed just right for what I wanted. I was wanting a cowl that was solid but also airy. Bit of a conundrum there. 😀  There were a few that was close to what I was looking for but none quite right. So after looking at different patterns I had a better idea of what I wanted and decided to play around with graphing out the repeat of what I was trying to go for. I settled on a design and got to work crocheting it. I had to divert and change the original design so it would actually look nice with the yarn. 

  After I was done crocheting, I started to write out the pattern. Going back over and counting the stitches and skips. I was pleasantly surprised how many rows were repeats of previous rows. I still need to type it up and edit it to make it easier to read. Hopefully that won’t take to long and I can put it on Ravelry to share. I used to think this sort of thing was way out of my skills but after reading so many patterns and crocheting a lot, it was not hard as I had thought it would be by a long shot. And now I’ve even more ideas brimming to work out into the yarn.


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