Chocolate Covered Cherry Dump Cake

I have fond memories of watching my Grandma make this cake for holidays and family get togethers. There were rarely any leftovers after the event had ended. I recently decided to try and make it from memory. Its super simple, you just need your choice of chocolate cake mix and cherry pie filling.

First prep your choice of chocolate cake mix.



Coat pan with butter.


Pour mix into pan.


Spread cherry pie filling evenly as possibly over batter.

Bake according to mix directions, because of the filling it will take up to 10 to 15 minutes longer. I set it first for the length of time the mix instructs you to and checked every five minutes after.

 Frost with your choice of chocolate icing. I used a chocolate fudge icing I neglected to take a picture of. And now your ready to slice it up and enjoy!


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